It’s Mammothacular

April 23, 2006

What do you get when you add aliens, a small southern town, a prehistoric creature, and Summer Glau? You get the SciFi Pictures Original: Mammoth.

There is one word that can describe this film: Cheese.

Pure Cheese. With that said its good cheese. The movie just provides a fun, entertaining atmosphere.

The basic rundown of the film:

After a "meteorite" crashes into a Pleistocene museum, the partially frozen mammoth is freed upon the unsuspecting town. Two special agents are given the task to take down the beast or risk having to destroy the entire town. They enlist the help of local paleontologist Frank Abernathy to track down his life's work. Frank has other things on his mind, such has saving his daughter, Jack, and his conspiracy theory loving father, Simon, from the rampaging monster. With the clock counting down, the group has to stop the beast before it reaches the outside world.

You cant expect much from a film about an alien possessed mammoth, but I think this films does deliver what it can. Certain scenes don't flow very well, but the film provides one of the best B-movie experiences Ive seen in awhile.

While some may look at the film and say it doesn't have a set style, I say that randomness just adds to the charm of the fiick. The sound and music design ranges from dramatic to pure corny. There are almost cartoonesqe sound effects for certain things, like when the Agents whip their badges out and the agents car, with almost Jetson like sounds.

I reviewed this film from the stand point of B-movies, do not watch this film expecting to compare it to Schindler's List. "Mammoth" is a great film to sit back and enjoy, I suggest the MST3K approach.

on the B-Movie scale:

4 out of 5 bloody thumbs

This wasn't the greatest review, but its my first. They will hopefully get better with time.


How strange

April 23, 2006

What is this SMAC? Its so confusing.

And why is this the crappiest viral marketing ever?